Cash for Kids Appeal

Cash For Kids Appeal

LCHC have been selected BY Rock FM’s Cash for Kids charity to fund match what we collect upto £2000. That means we could raise £4,000 for collecting £2,000. In addition, of the 9 finalists, whoever raises the most will also receive £1000 bonus. This is our opportunity to #clubtogether and support the long term future of our club.

How does this affect you?

We would look to use the money to support disadvantaged children in the community, increase our coaching standards/numbers and continue to grow the club.

How can I help?

Over the next few days we will be building a team together to lead this promotion. We were selected on Wednesday and have 30 days now before the competition closes. WE NEED YOUR BUY IN.

If you want to help lead, contact CoachRob Lancashire.

How do I donate?

Jo Gribben